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The Girl with the Lace Dress

Hello lovelies! Welcome to my personal blog, a place where you will find a collection of personal posts that consist of my interests and daily life. My name is Gabriela and I am 20 years old. I am from the windy city of Chicago. Currently in college studying photography, graphic design, and fashion design. At the moment, I am an aspiring artist and designer. I've been through a lot in my short life, and I've never stopped fighting for what I truly want. I consider myself an odd little thing but that makes me an individual and I want to travel the world to show people what I'm made of. I have many dreams in life and is on the process of completing some.My dreams, my hopes, and my goals drive me to be a better person each and every day. Enjoy my blog guys! *Note: All images are taken by me. Everything is mine,including the polyvore sets, unless stated otherwise. I probably re-blog 5%.♡

THINGS I LOVE: Photography . Batman . Comic Books . Video Games . Assassin's Creed . Once Upon A Time . Music . Tom Hiddleston . Vintage Things . Art . Chicago . Floral Print . Macaroons . Shopping . Fashion . Traveling . Tea . Free Hugs . Books . Concerts . Candles . Alice In Wonderland . Mad Hatter . Canon EOS . Lace . Dresses . Fairy Tales . Magic . Roses . Sunsets . First Snow . Paris . Love . Adventure . >center>Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Shades of cool…..#blackandwhite #beachwaves

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Because we all wore leather leggings lol #f21 #workflow #leather #forever21ladies

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Looking through old stuff. Love this project. Back when my nephew volunteered to play my batman. #photography #batman

Mexican Family Fun #loteria #dulce #familytime #Mexican @marielitaa_xo

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We need a woman Assassin but I am still excited for this.  #assassinscreed #acunity #Ubisoft #gamer

#chicago #photography  (at Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk)

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Greatest Night of my life #newpolitics #paramore #falloutboy #monumentour #fob #chicago

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Let do this! #fob #paramore #falloutboy #stoked

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Can October be here any sooner? @amcthewalkingdead@bigbaldhead #mcm #daryldixon #rickgrimes #thewalkingdead


the first and last one make me melt 

awwwww his smile in the first one and the way his head nods as he says of course

if you guys send me a pic i can analyze it and point out all things cuteness 

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I can’t get up

"What a mystery this world. One day you love them and the next day you want to kill them a thousand times over." -Lee Pace The Fall #mcm #leepace #thefall #theredbandit #favoritemovie

Straight hair today.  :) #workflow #strawberryblonde #redlip #f21

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MCM Winter Soldier <3 #buckybarnes #thewintersoldier #marvel #mcm #captainAmerica

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The greatest ending to a an amazing performance by Empire of the Sun #chivefest #empireofthesun